A Lebanese legacy

Hailing from Beirut, Lebanon, Aida Suby arrived in Sri Lanka in 1946 as a young bride, bringing with her authentic Middle Eastern recipes. Immersed in her new life in an exotic new country, she embarked, albeit unknowingly on a culinary journey that would define not only her but her family for generations to come.

As her signature cuisine reached family and friends, Aida Suby was soon nicknamed Mama Aida, not only for her unsurpassed generosity but also for the sheer love and care with which she cooked.

With a tribute restaurant set up in 1988, by her daughter Najah De Saram, Mama Aida began sharing her beloved Middle Eastern cuisine with consumers, soon cementing a loyal customer base, with Mama Aida’s Restaurant and catering becoming the pioneers of Arabic food in Sri Lanka.

With over 25 years in the food industry and three generations later, August Café opens its doors to usher in a new era, where traditional recipes gain a modern twist.

Rooted in heritage and a passion for food, August delivers a touch of the Middle East in the heart of Colombo. Much like Its owner, Amrita De Saram, Two cultures combine to reflect a unique perspective on Middle Eastern fusion cuisine. Every dish is made from scratch with premium hand picked produce. All food is prepared to Islamic principles made as if for our own family.

With over 25 Years experience in the art of cooking the Mama Aida’s catering offers up a wide range of traditional family recipes. From signature mezze to one of kind mains and your favourite Middle –eastern desserts, our food is best eaten at a table with those you love and respect.
Orders should be given two days in advance and can be picked up or delivered.
A closely guarded family secret, Mama Aida signature Pita bread was the first of its kind in Sri Lanka. Making its way to kitchen tables across the nation for its quality and versatility. The success of this humble bread paved the way for another family favourite, roti. Our Arabic roti is light and delicious and goes with just about anything.
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